Collection: Shout London Merch

Following a 7-year hiatus, inspired by the ennui-defined era, Shout London is back on melodic form following the release of the catchy earworm of a 2022 alt-pop-rock single, Someday. Bringing a sense of calm to a torrid world, Shout London gives voice to the intimate thoughts which scarcely go beyond internal consciousness.

Projected against heart-in-throat hooks, Shout London’s cinematic alt-rock style is powerful enough to illuminate the darkest perspectives.

Before taking time to mature his sound away from this project, Shout London collaborated with Andrew Wade from A Day to Remember on his debut album, Rememories, in 2013. Joined by a backing band, he took the stage at The Vans Warped Tour by storm in 2013, opened for the iconic indie rock act, The Goo Goo Dolls, and shared stages with members of the Mayday Parade and Hawthorne Heights.